GorillaBulb Films Presents:

Make Me

A Story of Invention

“Make Me” is a feature-length documentary about a middle-aged idealist trying to complete the invention of a rocket scientist.

In 1973, an Apollo Space Program engineer proposed mass-production of a new flying-toy. He was rejected by toy maker Wham-O! on the ground that the toy lacked a suitable launch mechanism. As a result, he turned his talent elsewhere.

More than twenty years later, the then-retired engineer shared his toy idea with a handful of his impressionable young relatives.

Handicapped by lack of funds and little technical knowledge, one of these relatives ill-advisedly tried to correct the problems in the earlier version of the toy.

Along the way, he discovered a community of like-minded men and women whose love of ideas is ageless.

“Make Me” is the story of a love of ideas.

Ralph Graham NASA Aerospace Engineer, Apollo Program, 1961 - 1976
L. Taylor Arnold, Inventor


L. Taylor Arnold, Producer and Director

Bryan Miller, Cinematographer and Editor

Gorillabulb and Make Me are located in Raleigh, NC

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